Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Intuition in relationships

What is intuition?

At the popular level it is called Sixth Sense.

The RAE provides us with very ad hoc definitions for this occasion:
"The ability to understand things instantaneously without the need for reasoning"
"Intimate and instantaneous perception of an idea or truth that appears as evident to whoever has it"

It is as if inside our gray mass the puzzle disassembled in 1000 pieces, automatically and unconsciously it is assembled with only 999 pieces. We still have to find that fragment that is missing.

Why do we hold back when it comes to believing in our intuitions? In my opinion, we must trust others, more generally we should trust more of this unconscious process that is alarming us about something that does not fit.

Of course our intuitions are not always 100% reliable, because states of mind, emotions, perceptions, prejudices come into play. You always have to check with objective and real proofs that are not the fruits of our paranoia or imagination.

However, we must deepen them if we want to clarify a certain situation because they can give us important clues in the search for the truth.

If we talk about relationships, it is very important to know the basic behavior of the other person in order to identify inconsistencies.

In a relationship for example, we are supposed to know well the other person.

If we do not know the other person well it is because we have been together for a short time and if we already begin to fail of trust something tells us that it is better to leave it at once.

If at a particular moment in our relationship we begin to doubt certain acts, first of all we should ask our sentimental partner for an explanation. This without negative emotions, in fact we should give the person object of our doubts to fit the pieces of the puzzle without judging them at first sight.

Second, if we do not find satisfactory answers or if we stay with that feeling that there is something there that we do not know what it is but does not leave us alone, then we can use the brainstorming method in writing. We could write on a sheet all the thoughts that come to mind, memories of strange things, that do not fit, certain indications, also events that seem to have no importance, which, however, come to mind just as we are writing. In this way, reading our written ideas we move a little away from our subjectivity. We can also pay attention to the changes in our body while we review the information and see how they make us feel. Once this brainstorming process is finished, we must look at everything we have written and compare it with the information that our partner gave us when asking for explanations.

Here we should have a more complete view of the situation that does not fit us.

Now, there are two types of people: those who seek the truth and those who prefer not to go further, rather stay with the doubt and continue trusting their partner. Both are totally respectable.

If at this point there is evidence that something does not fit and you are one of those who prefer the truth even if it can be painful, something very common is to hire a private detective to give us the proofs that will finally confirm that we are not paranoid. This is the most expensive option in terms of money but less in emotional expenses. This is the option that evokes an initial high investment, but in the long term neutralizes emotional expenses.

If we are more daring and do not want to involve external people, we have to behave as researchers ourselves. Control mobile phone, emails, discover passwords, follow in certain places. Knowing that you could cross legality and that the game turns against you, once all this is done, you cannot go back. All these acts involve loss of trust and something very important is going to break within the relationship. For this same reason, now it is no longer intuition, rather you have to be aware of the consequences and be ready to accept what comes.

So, in what group are you?

Federica Cossu 

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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

The truth of the detectives that changes your life

On May 2, J. Oliver and A. Oliver were invited to discuss, in the program de boca a orella of RNE, Radio 4, about the profession of the private investigator and his day today. This was because it was the day on which the 20th anniversary of the creation of the association of private detectives of Catalonia, the first association at European level and recognized internationally, was commemorated.

The work of the private detective is often defined as the profession where the life of other people is investigated, but often without authorization for it. It could not be a more incorrect definition. The work of the detective has to be objective, it is regulated and it must be legitimate to investigate the person the client asks for. You can not investigate if there is no legitimation.

The function of the detective is to seek the truth, always. There are times when that truth is not what the client wants or was waiting for, but it is the one that he receives from the professionals he has hired to reveal his uncertainties.

Usually, the client contacts these professionals because they have a suspicion about one of the most diverse possible topics, both at a business and personal level. It can be a case of infidelity, alimony, false pretense, illegal rent or, for example, unfair competition. Due to the high number of possible cases, the day to day of a detective is usually always different, spending many hours in the street investigating and looking for evidence to contribute to the clients. Tests that if they are not legally obtained, they are useless.
Besides the work in the street, the detective looks for the information in all the means at his disposal. Many times the researchers themselves "help" in the process because they publish their entire lives on social networks or on the web. An example of this is the Airbnb boom in the rental of illicit tourist flats that has increased enormously and where all the information is usually available to those searching for it online, but providing proof of that is often not so simple. It is here that the work of the private investigator enters.

However, it is important to clarify that investigating and spying are different concepts that many people tend to mix. Spying is an illegal activity while investigative work by the detective is legal and regulated by law. Not everyone can investigate and be named a detective, he must be properly qualified and have a professional license.

Reality always surpasses fiction and there is nothing more rewarding than being able to discover a truth that has the capacity to change someone's life for the better, without ever forgetting that ends do not justify the means and that everything has to be within the border existing legal.

To listen to the entire interview, access HERE.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives
Thursday, 2 May 2019

Uncertain identity: the secrets of your origin

"All his life Antonio had the feeling that he was adopted. His affectionate family denied that, but the absence of similarities with the members of his family and the lack of photos related to pregnancy, indicated that his mother might not be the woman who brought him into the world. One day he decided to end doubts by requesting his birth certificate. The truth jumped to light, the dates of birth did not coincide. Antonio was definitely adopted." This could be the beginning of the story of one of the many adoptees that currently exist.

If we start searching online for stories of adopted children in search of birth parents, infinity of things will emerge. Many of them are stories with happy endings, others not so much. However, they all have one thing in common: the desire to know their origins.

In the vast majority of cases, all families that adopt children give them everything they need, however there is a desire stronger than all, to know the whole truth, where they come from. They ask themselves daily what happened, whose fault was it, what was the situation that led to the adoption, as their biological family looks like. There is an immensity of unanswered questions that induces a feeling of deep emptiness.
In the past, adopted children could not search their biological family because unfortunately if they tried to do so they were censored and called "ungrateful" because it was seen as a failure of adoptions. However, times have changed and currently in Spain, the right to know their biological origins is already recognized by law. It is a process that can last for months or years, but the curiosity of knowing the truth surpasses everything.

Luckily, there are qualified professionals for this type of search, private detectives, who due to long years of experience always have search alternatives in cases of unknown whereabouts. The indication of adoption in the birth certificate can be a good starting point to discover the whole truth, although a thorough and detailed search is necessary to end these stories with a happy ending as if it were a fairy tale.

Nobody look for his mother because they already have one, the adoptive mother, the mother of heart. They look only for their origin, their real identity.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Catalonia, the mother of dragons

The streets are bathed with the smell of roses and books. The couples walk happily, she with a rose in her hand and he with a book just received. They are enjoying the most romantic tradition of the year, the Sant Jordi dyad. With a strong popular character, mixing romanticism and culture, this festival combines the commemoration of the day of lovers and the day of the book. This is April 23 throughout Catalonia.

Sant Jordi, patron saint of lovers in Catalan lands, has joined the celebration of World Book Day, promoted since 1995 by UNESCO. Its central elements are love and culture, represented respectively by the book and by the rose. The stalls selling books and roses are crowded in the main points of the cities, where people try to approach to fulfill the tradition.

April 23, unfortunately, it is characterized by deaths of emblematic characters, who are still remembered today. Beginning with the gentleman Jordi, the saint who has refused to persecute Christians and who soon has become an urban legend, and ending with famous writers like Miguel de Cervantes and Shakespeare, who also have seen his life end on this fateful day in April.
Possibly due to the nefarious theme that surrounds this day, the most outstanding stories in the book market, with a remarkable sales success, are the books about murders, police investigations and crimes. People are still attracted to police plots and thrillers.

The legend of Sant Jordi, known to all Catalans, is in itself a story of suspense, where a dragon frightened the inhabitants of a small Catalan city. To calm this dragon full of hunger, the population has decided to give him one person a day chosen by lot. One day, bad luck came to the princess. However, Sant Jordi, a beautiful gentleman, tried to rescue her. With his sword pierced the dragon and from the blood was born a rosebush of red roses. Sant Jordi, plucked one of the roses and gave it to the princess.

This legendary fable has served as inspiration for one of the most impressive works of Gaudí, visited annually by thousands of tourists in Barcelona, the Casa Batlló. The facade and some of the interior spaces portray this story through images. On the roof it is possible to visualize the scaly back of the dragon crossed by the sword of Sant Jordi. On the top floor is the balcony of the princess, represented by a flower. Finally, the lower balconies and columns have skulls and bone shapes embodying all the dragon's victims.

As it is possible to verify, April 23 represents a day of great importance for the Catalan people, who in addition to celebrating love and culture, keep alive the tradition of Sant Jordi, its patron.

However, if you are in a relationship and it is not all rosy, do not forget that there are professionals who can help you find the origin of the truth. On this day we should all receive a book or a rose, without having any doubt that these emotional details are received by another person from the love of our life, our sentimental partner, our Sant Jordi or our princess fairy tale.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Private investigations in public sites

We all have it clear that social networks are strongly attached to our daily routine. If the truth is that there are many people who despise the use of social networks, there are others that do not live without connecting at least once a day to one of their social network accounts.

With the evolution of technology, access and dissemination of information through social networks has been made easier and faster. It is so easy to communicate with people hundreds or thousands of kilometers away by this means, that a good part of our social life has been transported to the world of the web.

As is common knowledge in the last decade Facebook has shown its importance around the world, and is nowadays one of the most influential internet pages used by millions of people around the planet. This social network as well as many others have a leading role in our lives, both personally and professionally, as they allow us to instantly communicate, share, exchange and promote information, products and services. They have been introduced in our daily life from the field of intimacy to the workplace, for business, culture, politics and economy.

In Detectives Oliver is no exception! We have already become familiarized to the virtual world not only to promote and share information but also as a work tool.

We are present in the most social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to show our clients our work methodologies, promotions and everything we think may be useful for those who follow us in this virtual world.

However, for our daily work, social networks are also a powerful search tool complementary to traditional research. Society has become ubiquitous in virtual platforms, where social networks have become key points of a private investigation because people provide information that they do not provide in other places, therefore its use to search for information is relevant in many cases that we have in hand. The use of this type of instrument has to be managed through a rigorous and meticulous work that at any time can replace any of the traditional methods, since it is only used to help the detective’s work.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

After cleaning the house ... they also cleaned money

You don’t have time for anything so you're thinking of hiring a cleaning lady to have your house always perfect. Even when you're not there? Do you have too many weeds in the garden but you do not know how to deal with the matter, so you want a gardener? Well, be careful. This article is for you. Let's not forget that nobody is equal to anyone and of course there are good and professional people. We are not trying to put everyone in the same bag. However, in recent years there have been many reports of robberies carried out by both cleaning employees and gardeners.

Everyone knows that women love jewelry. Some of them more than others obviously. And for some women, the idea of using them is not enough, so they also need to steal them. And what is the easiest way to do it? To work for people who have a lot of that.

Some examples in the media refer cases where the stolen amounts are exorbitant. A cleaning lady, alleged author of four crimes in homes where she worked, had stolen more than 20,000 euros in jewelry. Another one, with the help of her son, stole more than 8,500 euros, also in jewelry. Even with help, she was not the luckiest one, since another cleaning lady took advantage of her condition as cleaner to, together with her son, steal more than 40,000 euros in three properties. It is almost the perfect crime. There are no signs of violence and the access to the house is not forced, but sums of money disappear just because you trust the wrong people.

Many times the employees are treated as one of the family and the owners have total confidence in them, being left alone at home when they are working, having access to all the house divisions without any supervision, allowing contact to the goods that are later seized.

In addition to the cleaning employees, gardeners are also news in social communication for the worst reasons, since many of them take advantage of their work to commit the crimes. Some, even access the properties with their residents inside them. Others disguise themselves as gardeners only to watch the houses and thus choose which to steal later. There are also some kind of gardeners who forget the plants they have to take care of, because they are too focused on the neighbor's home, controlling the movements of the victims to decide the best time to act.

So, to prevent theft by domestic workers (cleaning employees or gardeners) or try to prove if they are really guilty without accusing them unfairly, one of the solutions is to require the help of private detectives. These professionals can provide evidence to discover the culprit, even in cases that employees tend to commit the crime when nobody is watching. The detective can find out when the employee executes the theft by handling hidden cameras, for example.

*With this article, we do not want to generalize, we talk about the experience in our sector and the high number of cases that we have found.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Russian doll of leases

Nowadays, due to the economic difficulties of many tenants, a large number of subleases of previously rented homes is being observed. But it is important to know if this is a legal practice in Spain. The truth is that in order to be legal, a very important requirement need to be fulfilled, obtain the written consent from the owner. Yet, this consent can be fixed initially or a posteriori. The Urban Rental Law (LAU) only covers partial sublease, but without specifying the degree of surface that can be sublet.

The properties can only be sublet partially and with the prior written consent of the landlord.

Thus, there are two different contracts, a first between the landlord and the tenant and a second between the tenant and a third person. We cannot forget that if the owner does not give his consent, the sublease contract is not valid and then he has the right to revoke the main contract.

However, if allowed, there are some prohibitions in subleases:
The cost of the new rent can never be higher than the rent the landlord is paying to the owner;
A commercial or industrial place or even garage cannot be rented as a home;
The tenant can't rent the house without living in there.

In summary, the most common situations of illegal subleasing are:
Non-consensual subleases carried out under express interdiction and with no knowledge of the owner;
The tenant who doesn’t live in the rented house and who profits by re-renting the rooms of the residence, earning a global income higher than what he pay to the owner;
The realization of works in the rented house to make it win more rooms.

In this type of case it is important the work of a private detective, who will be able to investigate these subleases and get evidence that exposes the situation. Their services allow knowing who is really living in the property, also finding out if it is used correctly. One of the functions of private detectives is to provide evidence of improper subletting to be possible to require financial compensation for the misuse of the residence.

Another situation that is even more significant and that should be referred is the illegal rental of tourist apartments, which is a strongly condemned infraction and where the owner of the domicile is considered responsible. That is why it is important to know how the tenant is using the house. As such, a private detective is essential to ensure that the property has an appropriate use at all times.

Sindia Alves and A. Oliver
Anthropologist and Detective
of Oliver Detectives

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