Wednesday, 8 July 2020


For centuries, writers have taught us the thousand and one ways to kill. They have perfected methods, scenarios, weapons and alibis to elevate the murder to the category of art. We often observe with horror the modus operandi of current justice, of those who operate live and the inaction of the agencies that must protect the victims look the other way, leaving cases unresolved, do not confuse perfection with lack of discovery.

To conceptualize a crime as perfect, it only takes one fact and that the perpetrator of the crime remains a mystery. Although most cases are discovered sooner or later, some remain unresolved, because crime itself is a human behavior or activity and humans by definition are imperfect. In TV series such as CSI or Criminal Minds the culprit is caught after sophisticated analysis or impeccable autopsies, but the reality is different; some do not get resolved because a corpse is discovered very late and the evidence is very eroded, Others because they are not in the investigation.

Although we would like all criminals to go to jail, it does not always happen. There are those who manage to deceive justice and there are those who almost achieve it.
Of those almost perfect crimes we have a lot to learn:

·           The Unabomber

 It is one of the most talked about cases in the United States, in which a professor of mathematics attacked the nation placing more than 15 bombs by mail, causing 3 deaths and more than 20 seriously injured. The name of the protagonist of such atrocious act is Theodore Kaczynski. More than 50 million dollars were invested for its capture, without success; because The Unabomber did of his for 17 years. It was not until 1996 that his younger brother, David Kaczynski, he gave him away, charging a reward of a million dollars.

·           Murder with sexual mobile

A cleaning woman found last February 21, 2008, the lifeless body of a 35-year-old girl suffocated inside a flat in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. The body was found with a plastic bag tied around the neck. The Mossos d'Esquadra found in a nearby room a wig that, incidentally, was the hair of the victim. Everything pointed towards a sexual mobile and that's where the investigations went, but the truth is that the security forces did not see it clearly. According to police sources, the detainee disguised herself, with a wig included, supplanting the identity of their employee to take out life insurance, of 125,000 euros, of which the owner of the company benefited If he pretended to be the victim. if he impersonated his identity, he could collect the insurance. To disguise the motive of the crime, he hired the services of some men who engage in prostitution. He paid them 70 euros in exchange for his sperm, which the detainee picked up and poured down the legs of the victim to simulate sexual assault. Finally, the skill of the policies pointed to the victim's boss, as her murderer, who has already been arrested as the material author of the events and has been imprisoned.   


Current technology may have brought light in cases now in neutral, but the criminologist does not believe that this was the problem. Most of the time the problems were due to the researchers not convincing evidence beyond doubt to seat a defendant on the bench and, unfortunately, those tests were not obtained. These cases of almost perfect crimes should be advertising and committing ruthless acts alone will take us directly to prisons (and in some cases, to death). Objects, looks, family and even strangers can get to uncover the criminals.

"Share your post to that friend who has the soul of a detective and discuss if the perfect crime exists".

Thursday, 11 June 2020


The Internet is a breeding ground for anyone who intends it, you find many wonders but also many misfortunes, and today that we are 100% connected at a personal, work and leisure level, we consider it more necessary to emphasize the dangers that we can find ourselves in this environment.

After spending months between social networks, emails and videoconferences due to confinement, society sees 100% digitization as inevitable, a world is no longer conceived without these tools that streamline procedures and communications, but we do not live in a more world either. safe with them.
Lately phishing is the order of the day, and for this reason we see it necessary to show you an example so that you become aware of what it is all about.

Phising is a computerized term that refers to a set of techniques to deceive its victims by gaining their trust, impersonating the identities of people, companies or entities, to manipulate them and make them do actions to benefit, financially or through information.

Every day we are bombarded by a large mass of phishing campaigns and we are not aware, so we show you a clear example of this:

• Apparently it looks like a post, but we can already see a slip of punctuation in the title, along with some misspelling in the text of the email.
 • If we continue reading, and in the initial greeting we can see that it is generalized, without specifying the name of the recipient. Emails that are personalized are more credible since they refer directly to the person in question, phishing being large amounts of emails will never be personalized.
• Apparently they request an income of a quantity to be able to proceed with a shipment, however they do not expose any type of reference number or request related to said service.
• Later they provide a link for you to click on it. NEVER click on any suspicious email, as this could lead to providing a gateway for hackers and implant a virus within your device.
• If we set them at the end of the email, we will see that said email has been sent through a program called Mailchimp, that is why the logo and the mandatory points that Mailchimp orders that must be put in all emails to carry out campaigns appear. Correos, Netflix, HBO ... do not use any type of these platforms since their emails are executed by their own program.
• Finally, if we give more information to see the email of the sender, an email appears that is not intended to be an email at all:

However if you have received an email of this nature and ignore it, you are already on a blacklist. They will not stop sending you similar emails, impersonating the same or other entities and companies, so that one day you bite. You will have to deal with this for life or delete your email account, as much as you block the email from the pishing, they will create many more to keep sending them to you.

So ... learn these TIPS well, so that when you suspect an email you can check for yourself whether it is a phishing attempt or not.

Prevention in life in general is the key to guaranteeing a higher level of security, and I hope this article will help you live more peacefully and have no problems in the future.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020


With the COVID-19 crisis and the state of alarm, businessmen have had to stop production and adapt to new scenarios.

Just six months ago, the event we are currently experiencing was only associated with a science fiction story or post-apocalyptic series, but this pandemic has caused society to undergo all kinds of changes from a social, economic and political point of view.

On March 14, 2020, with Royal Decree 463/2020, a state of alarm was declared in order to manage the health crisis caused by COVID-19. Faced with the progressive advance of the coronavirus and the halt of companies, businessmen have had to act immediately, in record time and at a high cost at a professional and personal level; many of them started the ERTE procedures for their workers.

The Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE), allow companies to terminate the employment relationship with their workers for a specific time, this has become one of the effective measures for Spanish companies to deal with economic and technical issues , organizational or force majeure, such as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their productive and therefore economic activity.


The avalanche of ERTE presented by the companies, with the aim of avoiding the dismissal of their employees, has caused the collapse in the offices of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), with the consequent delay in the transfer of the benefit.
For this reason, the majority of affected workers have not yet received the benefit corresponding to the previous month, according to data published by SEPE, about 80,000 benefits are being processed daily, a figure that could complicate even processing all benefits before the end of month.
In this situation that many households are going through, having a job in black is a very present reality for many people. Although it is totally illegal, especially when there are cases in which people are charging the ERTE.


For this reason we want to tell you about the main risks involved:

• Unprotection of the worker: The employer does not have any type of responsibility over the worker. Therefore, if non-payments occur, the worker will be totally unprotected before the law and will lose their right to denounce the employer.
• Withdrawal from work: If you work in a black company, in the event of an accident at work and need to be discharged for a certain period of time, you will not be able to claim the subsidy for this disability, in addition you will not be able to receive income from this cause.
• Sanctions: In addition, the Treasury and Social Security may investigate the worker and punish him.

Oliver Detectives Privados is an investigative agency with a long professional career and experience in collecting legitimate evidence in cases of labor fraud. Our high knowledge in this type of investigation allows us to find the appropriate operative for each case in an agile way. Therefore, this type of irregular actions, in the long run, will generate more costs than benefits and we can provide the solution.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020


It is a reality that technology and the internet in particular have facilitated our day to day, we can be anywhere in the world in real time and carry out more than 10 conversations at the same time; This perspective of the technological world in which we live has also encouraged the appearance of new computer crimes as it is an easy way to commit a crime.

The landscape of computer crime in Spain has evolved in recent months; reason why the Ministry of the Interior has warned of a month of cyber-scams using the coronavirus as a hook, cyber-fraudsters have them install new applications on their electronic devices or visit web pages to obtain personal data and take control of their computers and mobile phones .

Inside cybersecurity experts highlight in their reports that criminals take advantage of the vulnerability of people in need to access information about the disease through the internet and social networks to find out the latest news of the pandemic or buy face masks or donations for hospitals.

Do not access public Wi-Fi networks: it is something that you cannot avoid, you must always try to verify that the network is what it seems. Some hackers create wifi networks with names similar to those of public networks to mislead users.
Create complex passwords: (combinations of numbers and letters, upper and lower case ...), change them regularly, install an antivirus and update your devices.
Fake emails: if you receive emails requesting personal or confidential information, do not reply to them, download or execute the associated files.
Offers of banking services: if you receive offers from online banking entities that claim to be authorized but their address is incomplete or does not exist, the contact is via mobile numbers or whose prefix is ​​not Spanish. They are usually fake web pages. Also be suspicious if you find financing or investment offers in very favorable conditions from entities located in remote countries, about which you cannot obtain information. They are almost always ghost entities that will ask you to send an amount of money that you will not recover.
Monitor the activity of minors on the network: minors are especially vulnerable to certain types of attacks, so they must be protected, monitoring their activity and preventing them from engaging in risky behavior.

Children, young and old we are not aware that the virtual world is as dangerous or more dangerous than the physical world. Many times it gives us confidence to sail from home without realizing that we are opening the doors to our private life. Many of these crimes can be prevented by changing habits and security systems of our navigation or devices, even with the education or supervision of the activity of minors on the Internet. We know that prevention is better than regret, we just need to apply it.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020


The stress of isolation could affect the relationship.

One of the collateral effects of the coronavirus, which surely was not among the possible consequences analyzed by the government, are the problems of coexistence that have occurred in many Spanish homes; One of the reasons is spending too much time together that has brought back old and new couple conflicts. The closed door exacerbates the annoying effect we sometimes feel towards your partner's little hobbies.
We now spend 24 hours at home and 7 days a week, spending time with our partner more hours than we are used to; the lack of physical and social activity during confinement causes us stress and anxiety, so there are friction of coexistence, and many can decide to end the relationship, for their own mental health.
Just as it happens to us on summer vacations or Christmas, when we spend most of our time with the family, the coronavirus crisis will cause many couples to decide to divorce in Spain as soon as the state of alarm decreed by the Government has ended.

The Chinese city of Xi'an, which has already passed through the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, has experienced a spike in divorces after compulsory quarantine has ended.
According to information published by the Chinese newspaper Global Times, the increase in divorce requests began to register on March 1, 2020. However, as the newspaper reports, some couples only quarreled during confinement, but once resumed the normal rhythm of life, things calm down; There were even some couples who started the process but repented and gave up divorcing. Some young couples even decided to remarry while their divorce certificate was being printed.

If you want this confinement due to coronavirus not to take its toll on your partner, don't forget:

  • Communication, fundamental.
  • Living together is not a race to see who is better and who does more.
  • Tolerance, we are doing the best we can.
  • Understanding and support, we help each other.
  • Consensus, we are a team.
  • Time for intimate moments as a couple and in solitude too.
  • Not making final decisions at such a critical time as this.

“If you try hard and win, everything will be fine. But don't forget, in the face of frustration and helplessness, zero violence. ”
Thursday, 23 April 2020


One more year the Sant Jordi festival arrives, which is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm throughout Catalonia, as we all know on April 23 the streets of cities and towns gather with people, it is a day to stroll among stands of books and roses ; but this year the streets of Barcelona and all of Catalonia will be uninhabited, but he moves to our homes to make confinement more enjoyable.

Tradition establishes that on this day the gentlemen give a rose to their partner, their friends, companions or relatives, and they give a book to men; But even though the dyad has been postponed, couples, friends and families will want to show their love with a rose or a book.

Sant Jordi is a date that over the years is about remembering a tradition based on love and culture; this celebration is known in the world as the “Catalan Valentine”.

This Thursday is a day that is very special, especially for couples and lovers, but not for everyone, it is a day of love at its best, since several studies have found that it is on this date that couples break up usually discovered that they did not either what they expected or because extramarital affairs come to light.


For some couples, 24/7 coexistence is a time bomb and online relationships an escape valve.

The magic of the internet and the use of social networks and platforms for extramarital adventures work very well to find people online during the Coronavirus, they predict that the longer the confinement lengthens, the more it will be pulled from these virtual meeting points.

There are many signs that give away a digital infidel and now we list some of them:

1. MESSAGES AT EVERY MOMENT: it is normal that you use your phone to communicate with your friends and family, you must be alert to the hours of use, especially if it is until the wee hours of the morning; Or are you always worried about responding, the situation is suspicious.
2. ALWAYS PENDING ON YOUR MOBILE: if you do not leave your mobile or go to the bathroom and get upset if someone touches you, the probability that you hide something are very high.
3. DELETE ALL: unless we are obsessive, very few delete their search history, WhatsApp messages and photos from phones or other mobile devices perhaps because there is something to hide.
4.    BLOCKS YOU FROM YOUR FRIENDS: if it is your partner, you do not have to hide from your list of friends, but if you eliminate or block it, it is a clear sign that something strange is happening.
5.    TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE WITHOUT EXPLANATION: many people turn off their mobile devices at night, but if your partner does it when a call or message occurs, it is because they do not want to raise suspicions.

Having an alternate relationship digitally has never been so easy, so if you notice any of the aforementioned behaviors in your partner and if you believe that your partner is being unfaithful you want to demonstrate it safely and legally, do not hesitate to contact Contact  with Oliver Detectives where we guarantee the necessary tests.

Thursday, 9 April 2020


Living in the community should never be appreciated as a negative factor, since it can be very bearable if we follow the basic rules of coexistence, but currently with the state of alarm decreed by the Government to stop the epidemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) it is causing roses and problems between neighbors. Specifically, in Barcelona the City Guard received only this Tuesday a total of 1865 calls for problems of the neighborhood coexistence.

However, there are certain issues that can create controversy, but nothing that does not have a solution, they even come regulated in the Horizontal Property Law, which is in charge of ensuring that all neighborhood conflicts are resolved.

What are the main sources of problems in the community?

Now we list the most common problems and do a mental exercise to be able to solve it and succeed and with better results.
1. Respect for common areas: this is the cause of many conflicts and children are usually involved who, by not finding spaces in their homes, seek to spread outside of them.
2. The noises: this is perhaps one of the most common and protagonist of great discussions, especially in buildings where each step can be heard even with magnification; Even the barking of a dog represents one of the great neighborhood conflicts.
3. Individual reforms: carrying out works on the floors outside the hours established by the neighborhood council brings great pitched battles and even within the hours in which it could be carried out.
4. The parties: before parties or works outside the permitted hours (which in Barcelona is established in the strip that runs from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., although it varies in other locations, the most common being from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.), It is more advisable to ask the neighbor to kindly stop. If this neighbor decides to continue his activity, a complaint can be made individually to the authorities who will immediately go to stop the noise.
5. Late payment: if the neighborhood conflicts have already been agreed, they will continue when one of the members does not pay a fee agreed by consensus.
6. Take security measures: from closing a door as a security measure and everyone abiding by it will be a safe fight until something serious happens or the security of the group is violated.
7. The trash: if each floor or house is not responsible for removing it and placing it in the appropriate container and in the worst-case leaves traces of liquids or odors in the common areas when removing it, it will always generate neighborhood conflicts that will dilate with little aim to be solved.

Unfortunately, there are many occasions when confrontations with neighbors occur that can hardly be proven through a police the report, since the noise, waste, or any inconvenience, has already passed when the authorities arrive.

In order to face neighborhood conflicts with intelligence and a lot of patience, it is necessary to be attentive and with a cold mind in order to have several alternatives to solve the problem and our Oliver Detectives agency works to solve conflicts of this type, providing the necessary evidence so that our client has all the necessary tools for the authorities to take action on the matter.

Remember that everyone has different personalities and the secret is to understand him and learn to cope with differences. Your neighbors share the spaces with you, living with them is a necessity.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


The profession of private investigator is one of the pioneers in the incorporation of women into the sector. Kate Warne has the honor of being the first female detective in the United States, with just 25 years she became a great asset for the success of Allen Pinkerton and therefore for the National Pinkerton Detective Agency being the right hand of the detective and in the supervisor of the women's research department that Pinkerton.

In 1856, a woman named Kate Warne entered the offices of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and asked to see Allen Pinkerton applying for a job as a secretary but this position had already been filled but she told Allan Pinkerton that she wanted to work as a private investigator, arguing that as a woman, she could infiltrate environments where men could not enter, and make friends with the wives of suspects to get information; Pinkerton put her to the test for a short period and was impressed by her achievements; She was subsequently hired as one of her best and most valuable detectives.

Kate Warne was part of the Pinkerton team that discovered a plot to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, however, the details of these events were developed in part by Kate Warne, who worked undercover as a rich southern lady; Warne infiltrated social gatherings and verified that there was a plot to assassinate Lincoln.

Lincoln was placed in the protective custody of Allen Pinkerton to safely take him to Washington DC. and Kate Warne was a key player in undercover plans to move Lincoln to Washington DC., Kate Warne came up with the idea that Lincoln was disguised as her invalid brother. Kate Warne, the first female private investigator in the United States, can receive credit for saving the life of a man who was about to become president of the United States.

After the American Civil War, between 1865 and 1867 Kate continued to solve complicated cases such as the murder of George Gordon, a bank teller or the case of Captain Sumner, who thought, and rightly, that he was being poisoned throughout twelve years was one of the most valuable researchers, being the first detective woman in the history of the US and therefore the first woman in the world.

Her brilliant career was truncated by a terrible pulmonary edema because of a pneumonia that would take her until her death on January 28, 1868 with only 35 years of age. She was buried in the Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, on the family plot of Allan Pinkerton.

It must be remembered that when he hired Kate Warne as a private detective, there were no police, no detectives or women were entitled to vote. However, Pinkerton instantly saw the value of his service and his ability to obtain information that a man could never obtain.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020


Valentine is the day of all lovers, and some people celebrate it twice.

One of the most anticipated dates for all lovers on the planet, is on February 14 the “Valentine's Day”, and although for some it is only one more date on the calendar, there are many people who consider it as the most Romantic of the year, being the perfect opportunity to celebrate and surprise your loved one.

Christoph Kraemer, European spokesman for Ashley Madison the most important marriage dating website in the world, comments: “Valentine's Day is a beautiful date to show love or affection for your partner, everyone likes to receive some detail and feeling special, the interesting thing is that there is much more willingness to celebrate a special day with a lover. ”

Infidelity today became such a common practice that there is a world day to celebrate it, so on February 13 the “Mistress Day” or “Lovers Day” is proclaimed a celebration from the United States and that according to A study carried out every year is celebrated more among its unfaithful users.

If you feel that the relationship with your partner is declining, that your partner began to be more distant and your sixth sense tells you that something is wrong, these are some of the behaviors that could unveil your partner's infidelity according to the specialist:

1. Changes in your routine
Almost all couples, especially those who have been together for many years have a specific schedule of their day to day, but if this suddenly changes from one day to another, you have to be alert because the change in behavior is one of the first signs of infidelity.

2. Extra expenses without explanation
This is one of the mistakes that infidels make most, start spending on the family account or occupy credit cards, without thinking that the couple can be aware of these movements just by calling the bank or reviewing the application of this from the cellphone.

3. Overtime at work
Especially when it had never happened before, there is always the possibility of actually telling the truth, but you are also entitled to question and question.

4. New look
Being in a "new relationship" the infidels try to get in shape, change their look, buy new clothes, that is, they care more about their physical appearance than before.

5. The electronic secret
A new password on your mobile or to be smarter now has two cell phones, your partner does not access your social media accounts or emails when you are with him, filter and do not keep your call history.

6. Lies and irritability
Like any person who tries to hide something, when he feels questioned or about to be caught he evades the situation by putting himself in a bad mood. In addition, an infidel must lie again and again to maintain his double life.

Do you have doubts about the loyalty of your partner?

If there are doubts about the fidelity of your partner and you are afraid to confront the situation for fear of making a mistake, it is best to investigate thoroughly until you have complete certainty of what is happening and for this there are specialists who are in charge of unmasking the infidels and Oliver Detectives We help you to confirm or deny suspicions, doubts and the possibility of being deceived, in order to establish instability in your social and couple relationships.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020


In the technological age in which we live It is said that social networks have made all communications more horizontal,  a tweet can have as much impact as an article in a diary or even more. Without realizing it, we are transforming ourselves into a society of smiling and citizen emojis of the good roll, making our life dependent on a status on social networks social networks creating an invitation to enter into a technological gloom that is affected both in bioengineering, as to the means of communication, good and evil, science and religion.

The production of Black Mirror labeled as a series, It is rather a unitary execution, with a thematic plot without plot, No fixed characters, focused on digital technologies, their possibilities and fears. It seems that Invita the new to the old debate between the defenders and detractors of the technological revolution.

The thin subjectivity of the individual to the devices, and how the individual nature moves to the experience of a bond, basically emotional and collective. As the article indicates, in "Smile, they are getting you scored," the panoptic structure of the network underscores our condition as subjects that circulate through the story as objects; we are in a reality built and paved with our profile, in which our body becomes a prosthesis full of devices, in which the senses are reduced or replaced by sensors that process thousands of stimuli. In which experiments are already carried out to increase the human immune system with an inorganic system, bionic; An army of nanorobots and sensors monitor what happens inside our body.

Enrique Dans, professor at IE Business School, assures that privacy is a concept in constant evolution, where technology "has been supplementing our mental bandwidth to a point where we can, simply looking for a name in a search engine and in some social networks, get lots of data from anyone”. For him, we should be concerned that this technological capacity to obtain data is used by governments to control their citizens, what happens in China: an undemocratic government obsessed with controlling and managing the speed of change in its society, it might even be understandable but not justifiable.

What should seriously concern us is that some supposedly democratic governments they seem to secretly envy the control that China has and imitate the technology you use with justifications like security, the fight against the terrorist threat, the protection of children, the defense of copyright, or any other.

Lev Manovich says that the software is in charge. We need it to understand and exercise on the web, to explore information, to turn the cloud into something useful. Black Mirror is a disturbing door that questions our human nature from the spasms of technology; it is a good excuse to rationalize what is happening in a superficial and egomaniac society.

Follow me and I follow you!!

In addition to all this and although it does not look like it, we are continuously scoring. In social networks, we do it with updates and interactions. It is true that we do not give a note from one to five, but we do say if we like something. Moreover, in the episode of Black Mirror, the protagonists laughs at the jokes of others, hoping for reciprocity, and bite a cookie just to make a perfect picture. 

Have you ever written a tweet just to get fans? Have you ordered the table a bit because this way the breakfast will be better in the photo and will have more "like"? Have you ever followed someone with the hope that they will return the following? Do not? Me neither.

"Our conventional response to all media, especially the idea that what counts is how you use them, it is the dormant posture of the technological idiot ", remember McLuhan.

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